Private Training
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Private Training

Private training is available. Please call/text or email Giancarlo Barzotti at (310) 567-4587 to setup a training.

Private training is an accelerated way for your child to improve their soccer skills.

The benefit of private soccer training is the focus your child will receive, which is not possible in a full team setting.  Training sessions are structured according to a player’s strengths, weaknesses, and developmental needs.  The ultimate goal is to help develop your child to obtain the fundamentals needed to EVOLVE to the next level.  The private soccer training will build your child’s confidence and most importantly the love and passion for the game.

Personal Training Punch Cards available!

Private Training

1 kid ($40 for 1 hour)

Semi-private Training

Up to 4 kids ($40 for 1 hour)


Boys & Girls all ages


Cleats and Shin Guards are required. Please bring a ball. Water and shade will be provided.


We come to you. Let us know where you prefer to train.